Blogger Recognition Award

First of all, I want to give my thanks to a fellow blogger who nominated me, Ism. Her blog is wonderful and I highly recommend it to any viewers who wish to read fresh and thought provoking content. Her blog can be found at I hope all the viewers who look at her blog love her posts as much as I do.

Shout out to Ism: Keep writing, reading, and photographing the faults and splendors of life. You are amazing and I hope that you continue believing in your work. Best of luck. – Quinn

Secondarily, my journey as a blogger began with a fiction story I wrote in the seventh grade about a cancer survivor. This provided the inspiration I needed to later write many fiction stories about real-life scenarios. I depended on the words of bloggers and books to fuel what I wrote. I was driving in the car with my mother one day when she recommended I start a blog. I immediately fell in love with the idea and the next day I had set up my blog, The Perceptive Teen. By July 1, 2016, I wrote my first blog post, QUOTES TO PONDER – CHANGE.

Third, the advice I give to my fellow bloggers is to write what is in your heart. This may sound cliché but in all honesty, the content on your blog may inspire others, due to a relatable perspective. Be Ambitious in your ways of words and images, be Brave in your topics, and be Ceaseless in your pursuit of perfection.

Fourth and final, there are many great bloggers I would love to recognize and nominate, but since I am limited on how many that number may be, I will send my nominations to the recipients through a message.

I love you all,

♥ Quinn Hollows