Modern Complications – Cliques

We often find ourselves connecting more often with certain groups of people. Although being in these exclusive groups may raise your “social status” or “social standing,” we continue to circumscribe the relationships towards others who may not “fit” among the group. This dividing is continuous throughout our lives, whether through something drastic as a civil war or something even worse, as we all believed at the time, a middle school friend group. Whether given a name or kept as an unspoken understanding among all, these cliques lead to a damaging representation of our society. I do believe no matter the persistence we hold against this division it will continue to sway our minds for we are human, one huge clique.

Modern Complications – Wealth

It is often understood in our daily lives that to be wealthy, you need to be in possession of expensive material goods or a surplus of money. Is it wrong to think we could be rich in family relations, the amount of love we show towards others or the talents we have been granted? Why should the world condemn the richest people in heart as destitute in the public standard?

A little thought and a little kindness are often worth more than a great deal of money. ~ John Ruskin